Monday, 18 January 2010

You mean, NO?!?!? IDK what title to use.

HIYA FOLKS!!! Wanna know the random stuff I did today? Well, I know you don't, but your gonna hear it anyway >8D

I got out of bed, did some stuff, sorted my 152 CD's out, tidied my room(sort of) and now I'm wrighting this! Voila! Alons-y, bonjor, and other French stuff I can say but not spell ^^

Ohhhh, look, its boldy!!! Boldy and slanty! Boldy and slanty and BIG! Hah, eat your heart out Derek, for I can change my FONT! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >8D

Anyway. I'm now *takes slanty off* in my room listening to Thirty Seconds to Mars, who I now seem to be fanatical about.

My brother has taken his roof of his Defender too, not Derek, Dorithy, he has two. One, like I said, is Derek the Landy and the others Dorithy, cos its red LOL.

Right, so, I've run out of random things to inform you about... so... BYE! *Dramatic exit*


  1. This amused me very much.
    I’m trying to sound ominous but I don’t think its working seeing as I just explained why I said that..
    Now I sound like a stalker... oo-er.
    Trust me, I’m not a stalker, although, that was a very stalkerish thing to say, ‘trust me’. Don’t worry, I’m not. I admit it. I have better things to do than stalk stalk stalkers. Ahah. I outsmarted them
    Sorry, i seem to be rambling. I’ll stop.

  2. 0nly you, Becky. Only you.
    It's a beautiful blog.
    Now blog more.
    SP shrine would be a good thing to blog about. *nods*. Or spoons...*walks off*.